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Eminent Domain

Eminent domain provides the government with the power to obtain private property for public use, such as roads, parks, and government buildings. In some cases, the government takes over the property, while in others, the property may be rezoned to allow for development that could change the property value. Any time the government exercises its right to eminent domain, the property owner is compensated.

At Russ Smith Law, we understand the impact a land appropriation can have on a property owner. Compensation must be just, specifically, at fair market value. Often there is disagreement as to the value of a parcel or how the value of a parcel is impacted by changes the government may have made in development allowances. Concern also has arisen due to a 2005 change in how the government defines public use, extending the law to apply to malls, hotels and other structures that generally benefit the public.

If you are a property owner impacted by eminent domain, contact the experts at Russ Smith Law before accepting any compensatory offer from the government. We will negotiate compensation that is fair to all parties, and we are not afraid to take the matter into court to be sure you get the best value for your property, or to protect your right to keep your property.

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