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Personal Injury/ Wrongful Death

When it comes to serious injuries or the death of a loved one, insurance companies usually will try to settle your claim. A trial can be costly and take a lot of time. Any offer you receive will be an insurance company’s lowest proposed settlement, and while that benefits them, it may not be appropriate for you or your family’s needs. Never accept a settlement from an insurance company before talking to an attorney.

At Russ Smith Law, your best interests are our priority. We take the time to understand your circumstances and calculate your current and potential future medical and financial needs. You may be entitled to recover money for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, as well as future lost wages and possible medical needs. We’ll negotiate a settlement for you that provides for your future and that of your family. If a trial is in your best interest, we are not afraid to fight for you. We are experienced civil trial lawyers, and, in most cases, you will not pay attorney fees until you get your settlement.

Do you need legal help to deal with an injury or death in your family? Contact Russ Smith Law for the following:

Serious Personal Injuries

Injuries can seriously impact your life and your ability to provide for your family. A serious injury may leave you unable to work or enjoy hobbies. When you or your loved ones are hurt in an accident that is a result of someone else’s negligence, an auto accident, a work-related injury, exposure to hazardous materials, a defective product, medical or nursing home negligence, you are entitled to compensation. Our attorneys will guide you through the medical and legal issues and get you a settlement that provides for your future.

Wrongful Death

Your loved one dies as a result of someone else’s negligence. It may have been an auto accident or a hospital mistake, a defective product that was ignored or a doctor’s missed diagnosis. If your family has been impacted by a wrongful death, you are entitled to compensation that accounts for the emotional and financial loss and suffering that you are experiencing.

Medical Malpractice

Tragically, mistakes are made in hospitals, by doctors, nurses and other support staff. Catastrophic cases arise from a health care provider’s failure to diagnose a disease or refer a patient to an appropriate medical specialist. Birth injuries result when a doctor fails to recognize serious issues during a woman’s pregnancy or labor. When emergency room treatment is inadequate, lab tests or biopsy are overlooked, or a doctor or nurse fails to provide appropriate care that results in life-altering injury or the death of a loved one, our attorneys can help.

Nursing Home Negligence

When health care providers at nursing homes fail to provide appropriate and adequate care to residents, it can lead to dehydration, bed sores, and unsanitary conditions, causing suffering and serious injury to the elderly and infirm. Sadly, this negligence can be verbal, emotional or physical abuse, as well, ranging from untreated conditions to unexplained injuries, rapid weight loss, unjustified use of restraints, or a resident wandering off the grounds. If you suspect such negligence, contact our attorneys.

Defective Products

We rely on the quality and safety of the products we purchase and use. When injury results because of a defect in design or manufacture of a product, or the failure of the manufacture to inform consumers of possible hazards or dangers, the manufacturer is responsible. Any company that manufactures and sells a product for use by consumers or workers must take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of that product when used as directed.

Unsafe Premises

Property owners are responsible for keeping their property free of hazards that can lead to injury, especially in places where consumers are expected to come and go. The most common of these cases are slip and fall, but they can extend to conditions that involve hazardous chemicals, inadequate lighting or animal attacks. A property owner must address a hazardous condition of which they are aware. Our attorneys can help you determine if your injury is the result of a hazardous condition that should have been addressed by the property owner.

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